Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baci di Dama.....and Zucchinis screaming EAT ME!.....

I'm cleaning my pantry again......What I found? 

2 tablespoons of red quinoa
3 tablespoons of white quinoa
1 cup of orzo pasta
And in my fridge?
Few cherry tomatoes
Some feta cheese
Few shrimps
Olive oil

Wash and cook quinoa in water. Strain and set aside. Cook orzo, and set aside. Mix the quinoa and orzo, and add olive oil.

Clean the shrimps, and sautee with garlic and olive oil. Mix it with the orzo/quinoa. Cut pieces of feta cheese. Wash and cut cherry tomatoes in half. Add to the quinoa/orzo/shrimps mix. Add cilantro, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon drops.....and whatever you want!!.....ENJOY

OOOOOOOOOOHH!!.....2 zucchinis were in the corner of the fridge screaming......EAT ME!! it's your turn little ones...I will eat you!!.....

2 zucchinis wanted to be eaten
Olive oil
Feta cheese

Wash the zucchinis and slightly sautee them. Set aside. In the same pan, make a tomato sofrito with garlic, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. I didn't have black olives screaming to be eaten; however, if you have some, then you can add it too. Add feta cheese and with some breads.... ENJOY!

Now....the recipe for the sweet.....Baci di Dama....

No.....they are neither macarons nor alfajores de this time you are thinking "Not only she hears the zucchini screaming, but also she is crazy about the macarons shape!!!" be honest, I'm a little crazy.....but Baci di Dama has truly this shape!

Baci di Dama

150 grams caster sugar
150 grams of toasted almonds or hazelnuts finely ground (I used almonds)
6 tablespoons of butter (soft)
125 grams of flour
Pinch of salt


The originals are with chocolate filling, for these ones I used dulce de leche.

In a bowl, beat the sugar, salt and butter with electrical mixer until they are creamy. Add the flour and almonds and fold them with a silicone spatula.

Shape into a walnuts size, and bake it at 325F for 25-35 minutes. Let it cool, and fill it with dulce de leche.....ENJOY!


  1. Rien ne se jette. Tout se transforme en un menu très gourmand. Bravo pour les réalisations.
    J'aime beaucoup.
    A bientôt.

  2. un menu bien gourmand et appétissant j'aime beaucoup
    bonne soirée