Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pasta Roses ......a Delicious Pasta and a Wonderful Book!

As soon as I saw this recipe in Annie's blog, I wanted to make it. Annie call this recipe Espirales Rellenos de Ricotta, but for me they remind me lovely roses. It is an easy and delicious pasta. I made it following her recipe, but I added more olives. If you want to see her recipe, follow this link

Fer, who is Annie`s daughter, has published a wonderful book for kids that is for sale in Amazon.com . The book title is Seki en el Planeta Tierra (Spanish Edition). It is a wonderful story that for sure you will enjoy reading it! We love the book!

I will post pictures of the steps.....if you can do it, then do it so.....It is a wonderful recipe!

I just served it with olive oil, and a little of pesto sauce beside.....


  1. Que chulería te ha quedado.


  2. Quedan preciosas en el plato. No necesitan nada más para sorprender. Besos.

  3. Demasiado lindas quedan estas rosas Marce! voy a tenerlas en cuenta!