Monday, July 18, 2011

As Life Changes Us..... and Changes .... ....

Firstly, apologies for come and go .... but the truth is that we took vacations knowing that we need to move to another home, and the search for a new home was more exhausting than we thought....... but the result ..... it has thrilled us .... 

Here, nobody moves in the winter, all the movings are made between May and August, for that reason is a super tiring process.....In these period houses and apartments go flying..... and although we lost a couple of homes ..... we found the right house in the right neighborhood..... so in late August we will change .....and we are very happy!!

Now with the holidays .......

With my husband, we have always been very weird for vacations..... Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, Laos PDR and many other unknown destinations have been our main places to visit ..... But, to say the truth we have never rested on vacations ..... we used the time to know places, to watch sunsets in the temples, to walk after sunsets, to visit museums ...... and if there is something we always  promised with my husband is that NEVER...... NEVER  we would go to Disneyworld....that was not for us ...... but things have changed ..... we have a 4 years old daughter  .... and this time she made us go to Disneyworld ........ 

 Magic Kingdom

The truth, I did not expect much ..... we were reluctant to the idea ...... but I must confess not without some embarrassment that I love it !..... ..... I think part of the visit Magic World awoke my childhood innocence that was  sleeping ..... returning to believe in fairy tales and happy endings ..... feel that children and their innocence is not finished in us .... I enjoy to be a child again and enjoy the magic of stories......

  Animal Kingdom
Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney has 4 parks, but for us EPCOT and Animal Kingdom were simply the best ..... later I will put a summary of them so you can travel  from home.... 
Mary Poppins.....

Now that we have a home, I return to the routine ...... to get into your kitchens and recipes  ..... ENJOY! 

And here you have the e-book with the recipes of our contest....THANKS EVERYBODY!!


  1. Hola guapísima.
    Me alegro de hayais disfrutadod e esas estupendas vaciones.
    Personalmente me encanta todo lo referente a Disney y me encantaría ir a visitarlo.
    En Francia tenemos el Euro Disney pero no es lo mismo....
    Primero que el pais vecino es más frío que España y después que si mi inglés está caduco mi francés ya ni te cuento... Total que sigo con las ganas de verlo.
    Aquí, cuando no se consiguió que se quedase Euro Disney en España, se creó otro Resort en Tarragona y ahí si vamos mas a menudo aunque ahora hace 4 años que no voy.
    Allí me pasa que resurge mi espíritu infantil y disfruto muchísimo de los espectáculos, atracciones y tiendas.
    Me encanta dar rienda suelta a la niña que llevo dentro.
    El e -book te ha quedado precioso.


  2. Me elegra que lo hayáis pasado tan bien. Viajar es lo que más me gusta...Besos

  3. You know, in my 25 years of life, I've never been to Disney World - so I am majorly jealous!