Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mango, Greek Yoghurt, Lime, and Cardamom Cold Dessert.......A Velvety Experience!!!

In one of the bookstore of the airports, I look to a cooking book that showed a beautiful way to present desserts. It was frozen orange slices in a cup shape......Immediately, I knew I want to do it......I do not remember the books' name....I just payed attention to the picture......Therefore the idea is not mine....

As I said, I saw it with oranges; however, I did it with limes.

Lime Cups

Very fine slices of limes, lemon, oranges or grapefruit. I use a mandoline
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

Dissolve the sugar in the water. Boil it for ten minutes until it is converted into a syrup (not a caramel). Let it cool. Wash the limes, and slice them.....Be careful with the mandoline!!!

Choose glasses of your preferences. Cover them with saran wrap. Bath the lime slices in the cold syrup. Arrange them in the glass. 

Put the glasses in the freezer, and wait until they are firm
Take them out, and carefully take out the saran wrap....


Mango, Greek Yoghurt, Lime, and Cardamom Cold Dessert

400 grams of mango pulp
400 grams of Greek Yoghurt
1 lime (zest and juice)
2 cardamoms seeds (crushed)
1 mango in pieces
2 tablespoons of condensed milk (it will depend on how sweet it is your mango pulp)
Pistachos to decorate

Mix the mango pulp, Greek yoghurt, lime zest and cardamom. If it is not sweet for your taste, add condensed milk. Add mango pieces. Put this mix in the ice cream maker for only 20 minutes. I used this time to have a creamy cold dessert. Serve on lime cups and decorate with pistachio. ENJOY!!!


And a video from Magic Kingdom...ENJOY!


  1. Exquisito postre y una presentación muy original, me ha encantado.

  2. Wonderful dessert! I love the lime cups. Lovely presentation :)


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