Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving........ Giving Thanks for What We Have.....

As you may have noticed, I have been away from the blog......mainly for two reasons: blogger neither want me to post nor to comment for about a week, and also we celebrated Thanksgiving....

For me, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with friends and family......Also, it is a special time to reflect how blessed we are......health, job, love and happiness are just simple things that make our life fantastic....Unfortunately, during our busy year we do not take time to Thanks for all the blessings in our life....and I think we should do it often.....

Thanks for all the friends and family that have been there.....thanks to all of you that read us....and Thanks for all the recipes you post each and every day!!.....We have enjoyed some of your delicacies this Thanksgiving!!

As I mentioned last year, we do not celebrate with one dinner of Thanksgiving....we celebrate the whole weekend (from Friday to Monday is our Thanksgiving holiday) trying food that relates to this celebration. Since we do not eat turkey, pumpkin, eggplants, yam, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes were the main ingredients we used....

This time we have made some recipes from you......some of these dishes we have made more than once.....

How could I resist this escalivada from Cocinera de Betulo?....She is so sweet, fantastic cook, and a lovely person.....she is always there to give us a nice word....I hope one day I will meet you and your husband....Thanks Ana!!


How could I not try this this tortilla de boniato from L'Exquisit?....She is not only my source of inspiration when I have to make finger food, but also a fantastic person to give you a hand when you need it or when you want to make your work better......In our next trip to the Netherlands we will share a coffee and a good conversation......Thanks Sonia!!


How could I not try these patatas con almendras and patatas con judias verdes from Asopaipas?....He is always there with  delicacies  that I do want to try each and every day......he is very generous with us to share his knowledge about traditional recipes from Spain, and his passion to preserve this important culinary roots... ...Thanks Jose Manuel!!



How could I resist this crema de berenjenas from Kesito?....She is wonderful, great person, and although she is very busy.....she is always present in our blogs....I hope one day we will go to the chiringuito that you know to enjoy that wonderful seafood.....Thanks Angeles!!


In the next post, I will show new dishes that we try this Thanksgiving Holiday....Thanks to all of you!!


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  1. Que estupendas recetas y maravillosos blogs como el tuyo querida Marcela.
    Te mando un beso gigante