Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diwali Sweets.... Finally!

Rasmalai with Saffron

 Gulab Jamun
 Coconut Burfi

It has been exhausting this time.....the snow has arrived and has changed our routines....

We were lucky that snow arrived late, but now we will live through this wonderful nightmare that is snow. I love snow, but life changes with it.

We have to go early everywhere in order to avoid a car crash...... the roads are really dangerous now, and we have to clean the snow in the front of our garden in order to avoid fines.....

However, there is a good side.....with all the exercise I do to clean the snow.....I need calories!!!......and here you have some of the Indian sweets from Diwali.....

Do you remember my Rasmalai?

I have made the same recipe, but I add crushed saffron (1/4 teaspoon) and made the ovals. It turn out delicious!....I sprinkle on it with shredded coconut....

Gulab, sweet, one of my favourites Indian sweets.....I made this recipe from Chef In You and it was perfect!

Gulab Jamun

1-1/2 cups Khova (it is a kind of ricotta that you can make by simmering milk at low heat) 
1 cup all purpose flour
3 cups of sugar – 
1 cup of water
3 pinches of cooking baking soda 
4 pods of cardamom 
Saffron a few
Rose water essence few drops

Mix sugar and water in a broad pan, and heat it at low heat until sugar dissolves. Incorporate cardamom (crushed), saffron, and rose water. Maintain this syrup warm.

Mix the Khova, flour, and the cooking soda. Knead them. If you see that the dough is dry, then add warm water (a teaspoon at a time). You have to have a smooth dough.

With your greasy hands (I used ghee), make small balls. They have to be small because they expand when you fry them and when you soak them in syrup. The balls have to be smooth, without cracks in the outside. Thus, they will not open when you soak them in syrup.

In a deep pan, heat Ghee and oil to deep fry (50-50). Fry the jamuns (3 to 4 at the same more because it will cool the oil) in a medium heat until they are golden brown. The oil should not smoke.

First, the jamuns go down, then they float to the top (like gnocchis).Usually, they rotate in their oil; thus, they brown uniformly. Once they are brown in all sides, remove from the oil, and place them over paper towel to drain the oil. Immediately, put them in a warm syrup to soak them. This will make the jamuns soft, smooth, and will maintain the shape.

Soak the fried jamuns in the syrup for 1-2 hours. Depending on the number of jamuns you will end up, you can increase the amount of syrup.

Store them closed (plastic wrap or container). Usually, they are served warm, but cold they are good also.

The third sweet I made was coconut burfi.....I love it!....I have posted the recipe before here, and I know some of you have made is delicious!

Coconut Burfi

This year I tried sweets made of cashew marzipan....they were great!...I will learn how to make them, and I will post them....

We have bought one more gift for the is something that we use here for Christmas....I will  post the picture later on!


  1. Tienen una pinta deliciosa estos dulces. Que lástima que yo aquí esos ingredientes no los encontraré con facilidad. Asi que para probar me llevo uno de los tuyos, que seguro que están riquisimos.
    bsts. maite

  2. Se ven todos estupendos :)
    Un saludito

  3. Que gusto verte de nuevo Marcela, unos dulces muy ricos.