Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming back....with Empiñonados Conventuales

First of all....THANK YOU!...thanks to each of you that made our visit to Madrid a wonderful moment....

We had a very good time in Spain sharing with some of you, and we also enjoyed our holidays.....

A dear friend gave me the book "Dulces y Postres de las Monjas Clarisas", and I could't wait to come back to cook these delicious sweets. I have done two recipes Empiñonados Conventuales and Medias Lunas de Mantequilla....both are delicious....I took pictures only of the Empiñonados Conventuales....the Medias Lunas were delicious, but we forgot to take pictures......Thanks my Dear Friend for this fantastic book!...

Empiñonados Conventuales 

500 grams of almonds (grinded)
450 grams of sugar
150 ml of mineral water
1 egg white
225 grams of pine nuts
2 egg yolk

For the syrup
100 ml of mineral water
100 grams of sugar

In a big pot, mix the water and sugar, and let it boil. When it's boiling, add the grinded almonds. Cook it at low heat until you have a sticky dough. Let it cool. Incorporate the egg white, and mix it. Let it rest for two hours. Make small balls.

In a pot, mix the water and sugar and make a syrup. Place the balls in the syrup, then place them in the egg yolk, and cover them with the pine nuts. Place them over parchment paper.

Cook them in a preheated oven at 240 C until golden brown. Once they are cooked, brush them with syrup again.....ENJOY!!


  1. Hola Marcela: Bienvenida a casa.
    Espero que lo hayas pasado estupendamente y que tu paso por España haya sido gratificante. Me hubiera gustado ir a Madrid pero me fué imposible.
    Vaya pastitas ricas que nos has hecho, son una bomba ( de calorias) y tiene que estar...ummm¡
    Un abrazo

  2. Desde luego que tienen que estar divinos, Marcela.
    Besos. LOla

  3. ¡Bienvenida, Marcela!. Espero que lo hayas pasado muy bien en Madrid.
    Ese libro que te han regalado es estupendo, y esos empiñonados te han quedado preciosos, se ven de lo más apetecible.
    Un besote, guapa.