Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chilean Hot Dog.....and some green peas recipes from your blogs

For sure the hot dog we like the most is the Chilean Hot Dog. When we arrived to Canada, we were invited to many barbecues over the summer, and the hot-dogs were just bread, wieners, ketchup, and mustard.....for sure not very pleasant to us.

There are many varieties of Chilean hot-dogs, but the typical I would say is sauerkraut,  tomatoes, avocados, mayonnaise, mustard, and hot sauce on top......with a beer on summer it is awesome!

It is simple, but it needs few steps....

First, the wiener. It can be boil in water, or barbecue in a pan....we prefer barbecue in a pan....

Secondly, you need a good bread. Soft, spongy, and firm outside. I have tried 6 recipes so far, and the best for us is from Hilmar..... Panecillos de Banquetes. She recommends for each bread balls of 60 grams, but for the Chilean hot-dogs you need something bigger. I use 100 grams of dough per bread.

Then, comes the fillings: 

1) Tomato in small cubes dressed with salt and olive oil
2) Sauerkraut
3) Avocadoes mashed and dressed with salt and olive oil open the bread

 You place the wiener

Then the sauerkraut

On top the tomatoes

Then the avocados

You spread it to have something like this

Mayonnaise on top, and mustard along with chili sauce...

 I don't have more pictures....because we ate them!......ENJOY!!

And what else we have ate?

A delicious Rehogado de Arvejas de La Cocina de Tesa

A super yummy Guisantes Secos con Salchichas from La Chef A

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