Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kadhahi Paneer, Shahi Paneer, and Naan....I Love Indian Food!

Here you have a selection of delicious Indian dishes....

Kadhahi Paneer

250 grams of paneer (cut in rectangles)
1 red bell pepper (cut in rectangles)
1 yellow bell pepper (cut in rectangles)
1 red chilli
1 teaspoon of coriander seeds
2.5 cm of ginger (chopped)
1 garlic (chopped)
1 green chilli  (chopped)
4 tomatoes (chopped)
1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds
Cilantro chopped to garnish

In a pan, toast the red chili along with the coriander seeds. Set aside, and crushed them.

In a pan, heat oil and sautee the bell peppers. Set aside. 

In the same pan, heat oil and add the garlic, ginger, red chili, and coriander seeds. Add salt, and tomatoes. Cook for 3 minutes at medium low heat. Incorporate the green chili, fenugreek seeds, bell pepper, and paneer. Cook it for 5 minutes. Serve with cilantro chopped as a garnish. ENJOY!

Shahi Paneer

250 grams paneer cut in triangles + 50 grams paneer shredded
1 onion chopped
2 cms of ginger chopped
1 green chilli chopped
5 tomatoes chopped
3 cardamoms crushed
1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder
1 teaspoon garam masala
1/2 cup tomato paste
1/2 cup of natural yogurt

In a pot, heat oil and sautee onion, ginger, green chili, and cardamoms. Let it cook for 3 minutes. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, chilli powder, salt and garam masala. Cook it for 5 minutes. Let it cool, and put it in a blender until puree. Put it back to the pot, add yogurt, and correct for salt and spices. Add the paneer, and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve with grated paneer on top. ENJOY!


3 cups all-purpose flour or 1/2 all-purpose and 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour
1 teaspoon of  sugar
2  teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon  dry yeast
½ cup warm milk
½ cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup warm water
melted butter for brushing (I use olive oil)

In a small bowl, dissolve the sugar with the warm water, add the dry yeast and let it foam.

Mix the flour, baking powder, and baking soda. Add the milk, yogurt, and foamy yeast. Mix it until you have a dough consistency (if needed, then you can use more milk or water). Make a ball, and place it in a grease bowl. Let it rest for an hour.

Divide the dough in 6 pieces. Roll it with a rolling pin in a 0.5 cms of thickness. Heat a iron skillet. Brush both sides of the naan with olive oil. Place the naan on the hot skillet, and cook it until bubbles appear (1 and a half minute?), flip it and cook it for another 1 ½ minute. Take it out, and brush it with more oil/butter. Repeat with the rest of the dough.ENJOY!

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