Sunday, November 30, 2014

Coming back to, travel, wine and much more!....Starting in Taiwan....

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU for all the emails and messages I have received in this long absence....It has been a very long one....

During the summer, my plan was to post at a low pace because we had family staying with us....It was not possible.....travelling in the Province, going out for picnics, taking them to interesting places in the city and working at the same time maintained me very time for the blog!

And then came our holidays....five weeks in Asia.....We didn't know how we missed that much a continent that we felt in love with twenty years ago!....It is the food, the weather, the spices, the street markets, the culture, the landscape, the is so different and the same time so attractive!!

We went to countries that we have not been before: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Also, we went to places that we have been before: Australia and Hong Kong.

Our first stop.....Taiwan....If I can say only one word to describe it, then it will be FASCINATING!

It is a small country with wonderful people that were open to help us. Every time we asked for help, we had people coming around to guide us or to walk with us in order to arrive safe. We felt very safe all the time.  The food was spicy (my daughter was so happy to have spicy noodles for breakfast!), the fruit was fresh and sweet (their mangoes are delicious!), and the culture was a marvelous blend of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism....It is a balance mix that I appreciate more and more.....

We started in  Lungshan Temple to thanks for our trip. This is a Buddhist temple that is located in the district Manka of Taipei, and it was founded in 1738. As soon as we entered, our mind was transported to so many temples that we have been before....the smell, the incense, the offerings, the prayers… was not only a touching moment, but also a very good way to star our trip….

All the places were imposing…..

It was hot and humid….and of course….Green Tea Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream were delicious…

And yes…we were very lucky….we met Hilmar in Taiwan (, and she took us to the Grand Hotel Taipei were we had a coffee and an interesting time….the building was wonderful and features the classical Taiwanese architecture style.

After that….Shilin Night Market…one of the best night markets we have ever been….Hilmar was so kind that she took us that night to walk around…..

 And also we visited the Chicheng Temple

Of course….Confucius Temple was also part of our visit….a place to think about what values are guiding us in this life journey…..

Taipei 101 was impressive….a place to see the beauty of Taiwan from the sky….

Definitely, a country that we felt in love with, and for sure we will go back…..some day…..

Thank you Hilmar for all your time with us…..It was a wonderful time....

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  1. Un viaje fascinante ..que también me encantaría hacer...las fotos preciosas y una gran suerte conocer a encantencanta la foto del mercado la de los templos....un viajiajd fantástico ...,besos