Wednesday, March 2, 2011

300 Minutes Egg......Because an Egg is Important!!

When I read that Brujix wanted to make a contest, I told her that I would love to contribute to her collection....This is our contribution to the contest "Me Importa un Huevo".....Thanks Brujix for this opportunity!

I went to read the rules,  and I read that the recipe should have only one egg, and the egg  should be relevant in the recipe....I thought...... What a challenge!!..Nevertheless, I misread the rules...the recipe should have at least one egg....

However, having that one-egg challenge in my mind, I went to the internet to find a recipe "with one egg only".....and I found one interesting proposal the 300 minute egg.....You can find the original recipe here in fxcuisine Thanks Fxcuisine!!
This recipe is very simple, but very cook the eggs for 300 minutes (5 hours) in an oven at 100 Celsius.....and you serve them as a starter.....But, Why you cook them for so long?

The original site says that this recipe comes from North Africa. I search the internet, and found that this egg is also known in some areas of Ethiopia, and Eastern Europe. It seems that belongs to the Jewish cuisine as one of the dishes for their Sabbath.....Therefore, it is an egg with history....


How do you do it?

Soak eggs in warm water for 10  minutes
Put your oven to 100 Celsius
Place the eggs on the grate and bake them for 5 hours (at the same time I cook other food to make an appropriate use of the oven)
After 5 hours take them out, and leave them in cold water for 5 minutes
Peel them
Serve them with the dressing that you like
In our case, I make an alioli, and add some capers......

It has an interesting nutty flavour.....ENJOY!!

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  1. Que curiosa esta receta, y las costumbres de otros paises. Ahora me pica la curiosidad sobre el sabor de este huevo cocido durante tiempo. Un huevo ahumado tiene que estar rico.
    Suerte en el concurso.
    bsts. maite