Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Obsession Came Back Again....Yes!!.....Figs!!!!

Mascarpone and Fig Ice Cream
 Goat Cheese and Figs Cake

Figs Galette

Yes!!.....the figs season is here.....and my obsession for them has reborn!.....Do you remember last year when I exposed you my fig-mania through pictures?.....And the recipes that I post last year with fresh figs?.....And the recipes with dry figs?.....Yes....I'm still obsessed with this beautiful fruit!

This year, I have made three new recipes: Mascarpone and Fig Ice Cream,  Goat Cheese and Figs Cake, and Figs Galette. I will start with the Mascarpone and Fig Ice Cream.

Mascarpone and Fig Ice Cream

350 ml of milk
200 of mascarpone cheese (I made mascarpone cheese according to the great blog Los Inventos de Carmela) please see note below...
4 egg yolks
3/4 cup of sugar (more or less depending on your taste. I don’t like it very sweet)
2 teaspoon of vanilla
½ vanilla bean seeds
8 figs
Sugar to sprinkle the figs
Drops of your favourite liquor (cognac?)

Mix the milk, vanilla, and vanilla seeds. Put this mix in a pot at a lower heat until simmer. Remove it.

Mix the egg yolks and the sugar until is creamy. Slowly, incorporate the hot milk with vanilla.

Place this mixture at a low heat until is thicken. Set aside, and let it cool.

Wash the figs, and cut them in quarters. Place them in a pan, and sprinkle with sugar, and drops of your favourite liquor (if you wish, then you can skip the alcohol). Cook at low/medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and the figs are caramelized. Do not stir it. Let it cool.

Mix the cold milk cream with the mascarpone cheese. Incorporate the caramelized figs. Mix it. Put this mix in the ice cream maker for 20 minutes.......for will ENJOY!!

When Carmela told us how to make home-made mascarpone cheese, I wanted to try it.....Why? I don't know why, but here in Canada the majority of cheeses comes with trans-fat oil.........I don't know why!!!!..... I always carefully read the trans-fat content in the products that I buy, and the whipping cream comes with almost o% of trans-fat; therefore is way more healthy. The home-made mascarpone end up being very good, very similar in taste and texture, and healthier than the one sold in stores.....THANK YOU CARMELA!!!


  1. Me encantan los higos ,te ha quedado divino.
    Bss Esther

  2. Hola Marcela: acabo de comerme unos cuantos higos que me ha traido mi marido.
    Junto al melon es una de mis frutas preferidas. Asi que todos los veranos me echo algun kilito encima pues engordan bastante.
    A pesar de ello voy ha hacer alguna de estas cositas que nos han enseñado. Gracias.
    Un abrazo

  3. Holaaaaaaa. Qué ricas recetas nos has preparado con higos. Me encantan pero los como muy poco pq en casa no les gustan. Solo los como yo así que tendre que pegarme el gran gustazo cualquier día de estos sin que se enteren. Besos

  4. I love figs too! So you can bust out your obsession any time you want =)

  5. Los higos y brevas son mi pasión,un postre delicioso y muy bonito,abrazos grandes.

  6. Troppo adoro anch'io Cara i fichi..ricettine meravigliose..bravissima!!!
    Un bacio

  7. Marcela no me he olvidado de ti, sólo que últimamente no doy a basto con tantos blogs.
    Que recetas mas buenas con higos, como siempre visitarte en un placer.
    Un beso.