Saturday, August 20, 2011

Salmorejo with Avocado Foam and Scallop....and the Use of Our Pictures by Other Blogs.....


This has been a busy summer, and I think I will be posting some of my summer recipes in December....hahahaha! has been an enjoyable, but very hot summer. Usually here the summer is hot, but not like this one.

In the prairies, a normal summer day is warm in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and thunderstorms (due to the hot day) in the evening. However, we have experienced this year thunderstorms at 6 am!!....that means....all night long has been hot....crazy weather!

For this reason, both gazpachos and salmorejos have been the stars of our table...

Since you know better than I do how to make salmorejos and gazpachos, I will not post the recipe; however, I will post the plating.


Salmorejo with Avocado Foam and Scallop (Idea from the Cordon Bleu....they use Gazpacho)

Fresh scallops
Olive oil
Sea Salt

Avocado Foam
200 of whipping cream
2 avocados
Sea salt
1 isi capsule

Mash the avocados and season it with salt. Pass it through a fine strainer. Mix it with the whipping cream. Put it in a ISI foam maker, and follow the instructions.

Put olive oil in a iron cast pan. When is hot, seal the scallops, and cook them until done.

In a plate, put the salmorejo, the avocado foam, and the scallop. Garnish with fresh herbs of your choice (I used Greek oregano).......ENJOY!!

On another issue. I know that some bloggers ' friends are complaining of pictures being used by other blogs without their knowledge and permission. It is sad to see that some people still take pictures from our blogs either without informing us or requesting our permission. I have to mention that this situation happened to me again, but I did not want to create a post about it. However, I did the following:

1) I wrote the person requesting him/her to take out the picture that was posted without our permission.
2) The person answered that since the blog is public, I was wrong.
3) Even though our blogs are public, the person was wrong. We are protected by Google (if you are using blogspot).
4) I contacted Google through this link (you can switch languages at the bottom of the page)
5) They informed  me (by email two days after) that they will review my case.
6) Three days later, our picture from the other blog was deleted.

In fact, we neither need copyrights nor watermark in our pictures. Google know who posted the picture first because by using blogger, our pictures are stored in Picasa.

I hope not to file a complaint with Google again.............


  1. Menudas fotos tan estupendas!!! Tiene un color el plato muy apetecible. Besinos.

  2. What a pure beauty! Love the avocado foam.
    I am glad that google has taken care of the case.