Sunday, April 12, 2015

Singapor and Singapore Noodles (Singapore Mei Fun)

Singapore it is mix of everything....mix between old and new......mix among cultures because it is comprised by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Europeans.....mix among religions....Buddhism, Muslim, Taoist, Christians, and Hindus live together without problem...

It is one of the warmest countries that I have been...

With an interesting architecture that avoids the heat.... 

Full of amazing temples, markets, and street food.....just as we like it!

It is always said that the food represents the culture. Even though I have ate this dish many times here in Canada and in other places, I truly understood that this dish reflects the melting pot of cultures that live in that city state. The famous Singapore Noodles....a mix among Vietnamese Noodles, Indian Curry, and Chinese style of cooking......ENJOY!

Singapore Noodles (Singapore Mei Fun)

This dish is made with shrimps, but I don't always find them fresh. I substitute them with scallops

In this dish you can use almost any vegetable that it is for stir fry....

3-4 shrimp per person or 1-2 scallops
rice noodles Vietnamese style (2 to 2 ½ cups after cooked)
2 eggs
1 carrot
1 zucchini
½ bell pepper
4 green onions
½ of onion
100 grams green peas
chili peppers in flakes
300 grams of tofu
2 tablespoons Madras curry powder

Soy Sauce

Soak the noodles in hot water just before making the dish. Set aside.
Cook the green peas. Set aside. Cut the carrots, zucchini,  and bell pepper very thin. Cut the green onions.
Whisk the eggs with salt, and in a hot pan with oil make a thin omelette. Set aside, and cut it in stripes.

In a wok, or a big pot, heat oil and add the tofu with the shrimps (scallops). Stir fry it, and then add the veggies. Continue to fry them, and add the curry. Season it with salt and chili flakes. Add the cooked noodles, and fry it for two minutes. Serve it with few drops of soy sauce on top. ENJOY!!


  1. I adore a good Singapore noodle stirfry! And I love that you used SCALLOPS in this delicious!

  2. Hola Marce !
    Bonitas fotos y un plato excepcional que debe estar riquísimo , lo tengo que probar sin duda a la mínima oportunidad.
    Besinos guapa.

  3. Madre mia que fotos mas lindas querida amiga, un sitio espectacular, y un plato delicioso que me tomaria con mil amores. Mil besicos cielo