Sunday, March 14, 2021

Crawfish bisque


Once you have the crawfish can have a delicious Crawfish bisque!

Crawfish bisque for 5-6 portions

8 soup ladle of crawfish broth

1 soup ladle of cream 35%

1 soup ladle of milk

4 tablespoons of cornstarch. You can use more or less cornstarch depending on the thickness you want



In a pot, add the crawfish broth and cream. Let it simmer for 5 minutes at medium low heat. Mix the milk with cornstarch until it dissolves. Add it to the bisque, and cook it stirring constantly until you have  a thick bisque. Correct it for salt and pepper. Serve it warm with some cooked crawfish on top. ENJOY!!

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  1. I seriously would lick whole bowl clean and want more! Very flavourful and yummy.