Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chilean Centolla with Aguacate Cream....a Tapita to Enjoy!!!..........

When Lidia wrote that she would be doing a contest for the anniversary of her blog, I knew not only that I wanted to contribute to her contest, but also I knew what I wanted to share for her initiative......a tapa made with Chilean Centolla (Chilean King Crab or Antartic King Crab).......Wonderful!

This is my contribution to the Concurso de Aperitivos of Lidia...Thanks Lidia!!

One of the seafood that I like the most is the Chilean Centolla. Although I am far away from the paradise of seafood, I have been very lucky to always have my pantry full of Chilean products......erizos, machas, almejas, centolla, locos, and lucuma!!!.....We have very good friends that send us these treats, and is very easy to find them here or online....Thanks to our friends for those wonderful gifts!!

Chilean Centolla with Aguacate Cream (quantities are up to you and the number of people)

Chilean Centolla
Olive oil mayonnaise
Greek yoghurt
Bread. I made barras rusticas from the great blog of Eva.....Thanks Eva!!


Mash one avocado. Add the rest of the ingredients, but no the centolla. For one avocado, I use 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, one teaspoon of Greek yoghurt, 1/4 teaspoon of shallot (chopped), lemon, salt, and pepper to your taste.

Spread over slices of bread, and on top place the centolla. Sprinkle with lemon drops, salt and olive oil. ENJOY!!


You can serve them on small glasses....ENJOY



  1. This sounds like such an elegant appetizer! Love it =)

  2. Uuuau Marcela, qué cosa más rica, en los vasitos son una tentación, preciosos, como las fotos que están siempre perfectas.
    Un beso.