Saturday, March 24, 2012

Causa Peruana.....Easy and Tasty!

Peruvian food is one of our favorites. I was lucky to grow up with those flavors at home....

Peruvian food is a mix of cultures that comes from immigrants of Spain, Italy, Japan, and China, but cooked with wonderful local products.
 Causa Peruana or Causa Limena has many variations (you can google some pictures of it). You can use as a filling chicken, tuna, shrimps, boiled eggs, olives, avocados, crab meat, octopus, corn with mayonnaise, fresch cheese, and so on....It is a tasty and creative dish.

Causa Peruana de Camarones

1 kg of white potatoes
Lemon juice
1/4 cup of olive oil
Paste of aji amarillo (2 teaspoons) or aji amarillo (5 chilis) chopped (it MUST be this type of chili)
Optional: Garlic (1 clove) and/or Onion (1 tablespoon) finely chopped

Filling and decoration
Avocados (slices)
Boiled shrimps (alone or with mayonaisse)
More aji amarillo (if you want)

Peal the potatoes and boil them. Make a puree. Seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil, garlic, and aji amarillo. It has to be slightly acid and spicy. Let it cool.

With a food ring, put a layer of cold potatoes pure, a slice of avocados, more potatoes pure, a layer of shrimps, another layer of potato puree. Decorate it with mayonnaise, olives, and more aji amarillo. ENJOY!.

This dish is very simple, but it is difficult to show the proportions of spices because they are used according to owns' taste.

This is the aji amarillo I use (I have not connection with this just to show the kind of Chili)


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  3. These are gorgeous! Sure to impress at any dinner party =)