Friday, February 15, 2013

Coming back to the blog.....and enjoying your recipes!

Thanks to all the emails that I have received from you asking why I have not posted in the last month. Some difficulties arose during January, but everything now is back to normal....I hope!!

In the meantime,  I have not only cooking, but enjoying your recipes during these is a sample of your delicacies....Thanks and ENJOY!!

                                   Lentejas con Langostinos y Nueces de Ana (Cocinera de Betulo)


  1. Todo delicioso, la sopa de lentejas suena fantástica.
    Yo pense que estabas de vacaciones.

  2. Pues me alegra leerte Marce y espero que todo esté mejor.
    Los platos que nos muestras a cual mejor, variedad y calidad dónde escoger sin duda.
    Un abrazo.