Thursday, December 8, 2022

Lentil's bread and Bell Pepper with Feta

This bell pepper recipe should be made with "pimientos del piquillo", but I don't find them here. Thus, I used regular red bell peppers

Bell Pepper with Feta

4 red bell peppers
350 grams Greek feta cheese
100 grams havarti cheese
60 grams parmiggiano grated cheese
220 grams yoghurt
2  tomatoes small
3 garlic cloves
Fresh mint leaves, Parsley, andvOregano
Olive oil

Wash and cut the top of the bell peppers, and take the seeds out. Mix all the remaining ingredients, and fill the bell peppers. Place them in a oven proof dish with olive oil in the bottom. Bake it in a preheated oven at 375F or until they soft. I like them with some black spots to have a smoky flavor.

I had to make a gluten free bread, and I don't like gluten free flour. I ended up with a bread that I saw  in youtube (
Lentil's bread

400 grams red lentils soaked overnight and washed 
1/4 cup of oil + 1/2 cup of warm water
1 tablespoon of salt
2 teaspoons of instant yeast

In a blender, blend the lentils. Add the salt, water, and oil. Blend it again, and add the instant yeast. Place it in an oven proof dish previously greased with oil. Let it rise for 1-2 hours. Bake it in a preheated oven at 370F for 20-30 minutes. ENJOY!



  1. the lentil loaf is very different and look great as does the delicious entree. Yum

  2. Both recipes are fantastic! I love that cheesy filling and just like you, I don't like premix gluten free flour, this lentil loaf turned out really perfect.

  3. The stuffed peppers look delicious. After all with bell peppers and feta cheese how can you go wrong? Lentil bread I have never heard of but I bet it's really good.