Sunday, April 21, 2024

Gulf's shrimp heart shaped ravioli

A very closed family member came to visit us, and I grew up knowing that where it is love....there is a fresh pasta!!

Here, I can find a shrimp variety that is called Gulf's shrimp because they are wild caught in the Mexican Gulf. They are very delicious, and when they are cooked, they are very pink.

Gulf's shrimp heart shaped ravioli


1 1/2 cup Italian flour 00
1/2 cup Italian semolina
3 eggs
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
water as needed

Mix all the ingredients, and add water until you have a smooth dough. Cover it with plastic wrap, and set aside.


350 grams of Gulf's shrimp
6 branches of fresh oregano 
150 grams of ricotta strained
150 grams Parmiggiano Reggiano grated cheese
1 egg
2 garlic cloves finely minced
olive oil

Clean the Gulf's shrimp, and sautee in olive oil. Place the shrimps (strained)  in a food processor, and chop it until you have a smooth paste. Put this paste in a bowl, and mix it with the remaining ingredients. You have to end up with a smooth dry filling. If it is still watery, then add more Parmiggiano Reggiano grated cheese to dry it.

Pass the dough through a pasta machine until #6. Mark the heart shape to place the filling. Place the filling, and cover it with another layer of dough. These raviolis are very big; thus, calculate 3 or 4 raviolis per person. Place the raviolis in boiling water for 5-7 minutes until they float.

You will end up with remaining filling. In a pan, mix some milk and cream. Add some nutmeg, salt, black pepper, and the remaining filling. Add some cornstarch for making it thicker. Place some sauce on a plate, and on top, place the raviolis. Add a drizzle of olive oil and fresh grinded black pepper. ENJOY!

With the remaining pasta, I made my favorite Italian dish....Fettuccine with home made pesto!!...and lots of cheese!!



  1. Such a clever idea of using leftover filling to make the sauce. And I totally adore the shape. Well done!

  2. Wonderful noodles, I wrote down the recipe because today I have roast pork with sauerkraut and potatoes.
    I would also like to eat the shrimp ravioli.
    Wonderful recipes. Thank you very much.
    I wish you a really nice week.

  3. Great from every aspect. Wish I had been there to share!

  4. Love the ease of this recipe and of course fresh pasta is love.