Monday, September 3, 2012

The Best Croissant I ever ate....and the Best Puff Pastry I ever made...Thanks to Nieves and Isabel!

There are no words to describe how do I love croissant....warm, crispy, the morning alone or with jam just with a cappuccino....and yes......I'm in heaven!! (that is the expression my daughter uses when she likes something)

Since I discovered these croissant in Isabel's blog, and she discovered from Nieves' blog, I just make them. I have tried like 9 recipes before....and this is the one....yes Sir!!!....this is the one....I just want to have those cold weekends again to make them for breakfast.....
On Friday, I make their recipe step-by-step. I place them in the fridge overnight from Friday to Saturday. On Saturday, I take them out about 30 minutes before put them in the oven.....and VOILA!!....great Saturday Breakfast.....ENJOY!!

And for puff pastry? As many of you, I love puff pastry, but I don't like the level of transfat in the ones that are in the market. I used to make mine in the old fashion for Galette de Rois. However, since Isabel posted this easy way to make puff is the one that I use it.....ENJOY!!

Puff Pastry Tartalette with Vanilla Custard and Berries

Puff Pastry Cones and Squares with Vanilla Custard
Puff Pastry Tartalette with Vanilla Custard and Berries

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