Sunday, April 25, 2021

Recycling cookie doughs, home made baking powder, and barquillos

 This looks like many things for one post, but they are related....

During Christmas, I made a lot of cookies, and always I ended up having small pieces of dough that don't fit the cookie cutter. Usually, I wrap them in plastic wrapping, and freeze them until next use. In addition, I always make for Epiphany a  Galette de Rois, and I always have a remaining frangipane. Therefore, I always make a frangipane cookie dough apple pie!!

Frangipane Cookie Dough Apple tarte

Remaining of cookie doughs
1 apple
Apricot jam
egg, flour, milk in case it is needed
1 teaspoon of home made baking powder

Take all the frozen cookie doughs, and let them defrost half way through. At that point, place them in a food processor, and add 1 teaspoon of home made baking powder. In case you need it, add more flour  until you have a dough that it is of the consistency of a tarte/pie dough. Place it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Wash and slice 1 apple and add some drops of lemon. Set aside.

With a roll pin, flatten the dough and place it on a oven proof pie m old. Add 1 egg and/or milk to the frangipane in case you need it. Place on top the sliced apple, and bake it for 30-40 minutes at 365F until is done the frangipane (test it with a bamboo stick). When it is warm, brush it with apricot jam. ENJOY!

Home made baking powder

For about 2 years, I'm making my own baking powder. This mix last me for 6 months, and it was saving me when I couldn't find baking powder in  the stores!

40 grams of rice flour

40 grams of baking soda

90 grams of cream tartar

Mix all together, and keep it in a dark and dry area. 

Remember when I made my fortune cookies? The taste of them reminded me of "barquillos"......a treat that I used to have on Sundays when I went to play in the seesaw to the local plaza with friends....I used the same recipe, an I shaped them with the back of my wooden spoon...They are delicious!!


  1. Love the upcycling of the X'mas cookies! The tart looks fabulous. Fortunate cookies in barquillos form are really nice too. Well done!

  2. Wow - there is a lot in this post but all interesting. Such a clever idea to freeze leftover dough and the barquillos do look like fortune cookie dough. What an amazing looking tart!!