Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ciabatta Sourdough


I love ciabatta bread for this time of the year. It is soft, light and full of bubbles. I can make a meal by making a sandwich with what I have in the fridge....

After trying different recipes, I found a mix that works for me. People get intimidated to work with sourdough because of the hydration percentage and proportions. However, it is very is just math!

I found that the right proportion for me is 80% white bread flour with 20% freshly milled any kind of wheat.

Ciabatta Sourdough 

800 grams white bread flour
200 grams freshly milled soft white wheat berries
870 grams of water
40 grams of olive oil
25 grams salt
150 grams of sourdough starter 

The night before mix 40 grams of sourdough with 60 grams of water and 50 grams of flour. Leave it covered overnight. You will end up with 150 grams of sourdough starter the next day for this recipe.

In a mixer, mix the water, olive oil, and sourdough starter. Gradually add the flours and the salt. Knead it for 10-12 minutes until you have a smooth and soft dough.

Place it in a warm place  for 5 hours. Fold it the four sides every one hour. Place it in the fridge overnight.

Place a generous amount of flour over the table. Carefully, place the dough over the table avoiding pressing too much it. We want to maintain the bubbles. Make a rectangle, stretching the dough by the sides. Divide the dough in two by the middle. Fold it like a roll, and divide it in four pieces. Place each piece over a parchment paper in a oven tray. Leave it at room temperature covered for 45 minutes.

Bake it at 210C for 30-40 minutes or until they are golden brown. Use steam by placing a pot with water in the oven. ENJOY!

I made a sandwich with cheese, olive tapenade, pesto, and some tuna that I had in the fridge from the night before. ENJOY


  1. Gracias por la receta. Adoro ese pan. Te mando un beso.

  2. You are an excellent baker :-) The crumb and crust are amazing!

  3. This is my husband's favorite type of bread/roll. It makes a great sandwich.

  4. My favourite kind of bread. Good bread is what makes life worth while!