Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Pizza Porteña

This is another traditional pizza from Buenos Aires. Usually, it is baked in two times and it is filled  with cheese and cooked ham. However, I replaced the ham for mushrooms.....Thanks again to Armando Esquivel!!

Pizza Porteña

500g all purpose flour or bread flour
12g salt
25 g fresh yeast (8-9 g dry or powdered yeast)
300 ml water room temperature
Olive oil
Tomato sauce: use your tomato passata and add salt, pepper, oregano, basil, ground chili pepper, and garlic.
300 grams of cheese. I used a mix of havarti and gouda.
Green Olives

Pre-pizza preparation
Mix the dough ingredients, and knead well for 10 minutes and then divide into two balls.
Cover with plastic at room temperature until buns double their size (1-2 hours). Brush the pizza mold with olive oil and spread the dough.
Apply a little tomato sauce on the dough and cover with plastic for 30 minutes at
room temperature. Preheat the oven at 200 °C/390 °F , and place the pizza for 5-7 minutes on the middle rack. Then let it cool at room temperature.

Pizza preparation
Add a new layer of sauce on the pre-pizza up to the edges (more abundant this time). Add cheese, then mushrooms, then cheese again to cover the entire pizza. 
Preheat oven to 275C. Pizza goes into the oven on low rack for 10-12 minutes (watch it constantly).
Take out pizza and apply oregano, paint with chimichurri and put green olives. ENJOY!!



  1. wow this pizza looks amazing! I love that you have made everything from scratch.

  2. This looks mouthwateringly delicious!

  3. Thanks for the step by step pictures! Love the way it is put together. Pizza with olives!! - my favorite.

  4. I thought I commented on this post already, but I'm back again. The pizza with mushrooms and olives looks amazing and I appreciate looking at the step by step examples.