Sunday, April 25, 2010


I like Bruges. It is one of the European cities that I like the most. It is a well balance combination among history, culture, food, people and aesthetics.
We stayed for few days to enjoy walking in their tiny medieval streets, visiting their museums and city hall, eating chocolates and boule de berlin, and dinning mussels in the market square.
Definitely, I do recommend two museums: Gruuthuse Museum (Dijver 17, Bruges, Belgium, BE) and Groeninge Museum (Dijver 12, Bruges, Belgium, BE). The Gruuthuse Museum displays a diverse collection that includes sculptural art, silver and metal ware, ceramics, furniture, and textiles. It is a beautiful and well-maintained display from a medieval time. The Groeninge Museum (or known as the Bruges Museum of Fine Arts) has one of the best collections of art in Belgium. It has paintings from the 14th century to contemporary art. Also, I recommend one of the most beautiful churches that I have seen in Belgium Our Lady's Church. It has a very medieval character, and in the right wing of the church you can see the famous Madonna by Michelangelo. It is a stunning marble sculpture surrounded by a mystical atmosphere in this church.
Chocolates? mmmmm.....difficult choice among many good ones. Certainly, LeonidasChocoladehuisje, and Dumon. Mussels? All of them everywhere. A restaurant? Tom’s diner. A souvenir? Bruges lace.
A last but very important tip... DRINK BEER!. I am not a beer fanatic, I do prefer wine. However, European beers (and specially Belgium ones) are the BEST. The best place Bierbrasserie Cambrinus.


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  3. Bruges is the City of Romance, Food, Culture & Heritage. Its beautiful Bridges and Buildings make it remarkable tourist destination in North...