Friday, April 23, 2010

Doing my share in the blogosphere

Since I arrived in North America (2002), I am a fanatic blog follower. I have benefited so much from other’s personal experience, cooking, parenting, and travelling tips that I decided that is my time to enter the blog world and make my contribution. I might be a newbie to blogging, but definitely I am not a newbie to food, travel and wine…..
My passion for food started while ago in the kitchen of my Grandma (Nonna). The smell of fresh herbs, ripe tomatoes, olive oil and parmiggiano cheese in Nonna’s kitchen drove my taste for fresh and seasonal ingredients. While I was university student away from home, my cooking was experimental (and of course a survival experience). However, my cooking was transformed in my passion when I started to travel and taste different foods. Since 1994, I have travelled over forty countries for work, pleasure and food. In each of them, I have found new friends, discovered new tastes, learned about other cultures, visited amazing places, and shared local wines and beer. Today, living among people from different cultures, I consider myself a world-member that appreciates the beauty and contribution of each country through their cooking. I hope one day we can live on peace……or at least eat on peace!!
This blog will not be only about food (my first passion), travel and wine. It will also be about sharing my journey in this lovely planet. I think the more we appreciate each other, the better we are….. I hope you will enjoy my reading (consider that English is my second language), my cooking and my adventures as a simple human being in this lovely planet. Welcome!!
The appearance of this blog will change over time….I need to learn about it!

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  1. Encuentro muy original que tu blog sea en inglés y español, eso es muy bueno, son pocos los blogs en dos idiomas, bienvenida al mundo de los blogs de cocina es lo más entretenido. Hugss gloria