Thursday, July 29, 2010

More artichokes.....Artichokes ravioli....and Artichoke sauce for pasta

It has been an artichoke week. It seems that we are having our own Artichoke festival like those in Castroville, Benicarlo, Cerda (in Sicily), Ladispoli , or Tuscany.....Yes ....we are having our own artichoke festival!!!

I posted how I make the Pasqualina, and the cleaning / cooking process for the artichokes. To make the artichoke raviolis, you follow the same instructions for cleaning and cooking them, but the filling is slightly different.

Many posts ago, I posted how to make fresh pasta. And this is the way I do to make the ravioli dough.

Now, comes the recipe and the pictures:

8 small artichokes
3 or 4 garlic cloves
Olive oil
1 egg
1 cup of grated parmiggiano reggiano cheese (or more to make the filling dry)

Once you have cleaned, cooked and seasoned the artichokes (as in the previous post), let it cool and chop them in small pieces. Once you have the small pieces, add the egg, marjoram and parmiggiano cheese. The filling has to be dry in order to be cooked in the ravioli. You can add more parmiggiano, or some people add breadcrumbs to avoid the saltiness of the cheese.

Then you make the pasta dough, pass it through the pasta machine, and fill the raviolis in the same way as I did with the panzotti posting

Cook them in salty water, and toss it with olive oil. I always prepare more filling to convert it into the sauce. Prepare half portion of the filling, add 1 cup of cream and 1/2 culp of milk. Add more pepper and heat it. Put it on top of the raviolis, and on top of pasta.....Enjoy!!!

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  1. Hola
    Ha sido un placer descubrir tu blog gracias al Hemc 46.
    Ya te tengo en mi lista de favoritos dentro del listado "marcadores" en mi pc.
    Me ha encantado esa forma tan original de hacer el sushi y ya la tengo g7uardada para hacerla yo, aunque, seguro que no me quedan tan espectaculares como los tuyos.

    Pochoncicos (besicos, en aragonés, mi lengua mater)