Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Vaisakhi......A Parade on the Streets....

I've been away of this blog world because we had a long weekend in Canada, in addition blogger is still having problems in this side of the world , but finally we celebrated Vaisakhi this Sunday!!

Vaisakhi is the harvest festival, and it is interesting for me to know that in every culture a harvest festival exist....

The streets were full of people celebrating this occasion....

I love the colours of the sarees...

They prepared delicious food to share  

Gulab Jamun (this dessert is very sweet Viena!)
Sweet Saffron Rice with Almonds
Besan Ladoo


Making Fresh Bhatura (I want the roll pins!!)

Frying the Bathuras (fried bread)
Bhatura with Chana Masala and Salad
People put tables out of their houses to give food, water, fruit, cakes, and a little bit of everything!....ane everything was SO CLEAN!

While the parade was passing, people were in charge of cleaning...

And a little video....ENJOY THE COLOURS!

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