Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying Pizza Doughs.....Thanks to Tito and Jose Antonio!!

Pizza  with Jose Antonio's dough
Pizza  with Tito's dough

I’ve been trying to post a recipe without success.........Blogger has not allowed me to do it.... Maybe is because I have changed the blog..... also, I have not been able to write comments..... I have received emails saying that you can not write me comments ..... I thank you ...... When blogger will work well ?..... Perhaps we will have to seek new alternatives ......

Now, that I've had more time because I am at home ..... I could not comment on your blogs !....and Why I have been home?................COOOOOOLD!!.... YES!...... . We were +8 in December...and now there is -40C with wind chill of-47C as well .......
Therefore, I decided not to take my daughter to school yesterday and today because when there are warnings of bad weather (youcan see here the  warning) it is better to stay home to avoid car accidents and possible frostbite .....

We tried several recipes for pizza doughs..... and with these two very different (one with yeast and one without yeast) we are very happy!!

One dough is from Tito .... I must be the only one that have not tried it before......this dough has surprised me .....delicious without yeast .....(maybe the wine is the secret??)


 Tito's dough has two rows of olives and mozzarela in cubes

The other dough is from Jose Antonio.....I use chickpeas flour to make Faina, but I have not used it in pizza......the result is fantastic!!

Jose Antonio's dough has three rows of olives and mozzarella in slices

To have a scientific basis to compare the doughs I used the same toppings

Pesto basil
Tomatoes of different colors
Basil leaves
Kalamata olives

 Do you want a piece??




  1. Hola: es la unica vez que soy la primera comentando en tu blog.
    Bueno; el cambio de diseño se me hace raro pues me habia acostumbrado al fondo negro, pero me gusta.
    Todo lo que haces me gusta ¡je je!
    Las pizzas se ven estupendas con las dos masas.

    Un abrazo

  2. Pero bueno, que he tenido que mirar dos veces porque creía que me había confundido de blog.
    Vaya cambio.
    Espero que arregles pronto los problemas que queremos verte por aquí publicando estas recetas tan ricas que nos haces.
    Besos, guapa