Friday, February 18, 2011

Did You Eat Street Food?.....Yes....and It Was Delicious!

Hot and Spicy food of Laos

During my resting days at bed, I watched TV.....and of and travel programs were my favourites!

I was watching a program about Bangkok, and they interviewed a food writer from New York. Surprisingly (to the interviewer....), he told that the best food in Asia is street food....and I do agree!!..... Absolutely!

Fruits on the street of Dharamsala

Street vendor in Egypt

I have to admit that it was not easy for me to eat street food the first time. I was blogging with Brujix, and I told her that for me is very difficult to watch TV programs hosted by highly respected Chefs because I never see them washing their hands, washing the fruits and vegetables before cutting them, and they taste the food their preparing and use the same spoon to mix it up again!....

 Street Food in India

Nevertheless, when we travel to Asia.... is a total different environment....
A Wonderful Lady that sells fresh bread in Luang Prabang

When we went to Vietnam, we were invited to a "dinner" at a friend's house in Ho-Chi-Minh City. We arrived, had some drinks and conversation, but I was curious.....I never saw the wife of our friend in the kitchen. At the time of the dinner, they invite us to have dinner in the near by street restaurant.....I was in shock!...when I invite friends to eat at home....we eat at home......
 Fruit and Spices in Lhasa

I don't know what my body language and face expression were, but he saw my face and he told me..."Marcela do not worry....the place is clean...and we usually invite friends to that place because it is delicious"....
Food in Marrakech

We followed him to that "restaurant", and I have to admit.....the food was delicious!!

 Wonderful Dishes in Myanmar

The lady cooked in front of us....everything was clean, and the veggies were PERFECTLY cut...I never saw a perfect julienne veggies before....
 Street vendors in Nepal

Since that experience, we have enjoyed eating street food.....of course, we check that the place looks clean, and the food is fresh......but now, we trust these wonderful vendors and their fantastic food!

 Simply Crops in Papua New Guinea

 Typical Market in Sikkim

What we buy the most?....local fruit to eat at night in the hotel.....ripe in the trees, and freshly collected....a total luxurious in our days of supermarket food.....

 As always....a nice smile from a Sri-Lanka woman

What we enjoyed the best?.....always a smile (like the lady from Sri-Lanka), a nice talk, and a wonderful experience....
 Floating Market in Thailand

What street food do we remember the most?....Of course, our first experience in Vietnam, fried-tofu in Inle Lake (Myanmar), bread in Laos, sweets and chai (tea) in India, a spicy noodle soup in Thailand, Chana Dal in Nepal, and Yak Cheese in Tibet, among others......

 Dates in Tunisia

The best food in Vietnam....street food!

What we treasure the most? Is to visit the local markets, and to eat street food....Not only to understand the local reality, but also to get away of the typical tourist route and have a better understanding of the local culture....

Our blessings to all those street vendors around the world.......Their food is fantastic!!


  1. Marcela me he despertado y me he encontrado con esta fantastica entrada que nos has puesto.Gracias por esas fotos maravillosas y por tus explicaciones que consiguieron que me haya dado una pequeña vuelta al mundo,paseando por sus calles,desde mi cuarto.Un beso fuerte Esther

  2. Hoy vengo a pedir algo, lo necesito.
    Ir a mi blog y leerlo, darme todas las soluciones que estén en vuestras manos.
    Miles de gracias por esta ayuda.


  3. Hola Marcela me ha encantado tu reportaje, las fotos y el relato de tus experiencias tan entrañables. Lo que mas me llama la atención siempre son las personas, sus miradas y sus sonrisas, tienen poco pero se le ve felices, una enviadia ¿no te parece? Espero que te encuentres recuperada. Besos