Monday, November 4, 2019

Einkorn Bread...

Long time ago I heard about a primitive type of wheat called Einkorn. I read that it is one of the oldest wheat and one of the earliest cultivated around 30,000 years ago. One of the interesting things of this wheat is that is very unlikely that this specie can be contaminated or have the risk of cross fertilization since it is self-pollinating.

I saw a bag in the supermarket and without second thought, I bought it. I did  my own mix with my sourdough as I make other breads.....but the dough was not a dough, it was a liquid batter.....Horror!!....I went to internet, and I found that Einkorn bread is very difficult to make since it doesn't rise properly, and it is often used in flat breads.....then I add a pinch of instant yeast, and......pray!!!....the result was awesome....the texture, the flavour, and the smell was delicious.....for sure I will make it again

Einkorn Bread

500 grams of Einkorn flour
250 grams sourdough starter
210 grams of water
7 grams of salt
1/2 teaspoon of instant yeast

Mix the flour, sourdough and water. Let it rest 15 minutes. Add the salt and mix. Add the instant yeast and mix it. Let it ferment in a plastic bowl covered for 10 hours, and then place it in the fridge overnight. 
Preheat the oven at 475F and place an iron cast pot. Once it reaches the temperature, let the pot to be heated for 20 minutes. Place the dough/batter on a parchement paper and put it inside the iron cast pot. Let it cook for 30 minutes with lid and 15 minutes without lid. Enjoy!

And of course.....I couldn't resist the pan de locha made by is delicious!!

And also the oat and apple bread from Angie....I'm in love with the texture of the bread after adding soaked oats....

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  1. Gorgeous breads! Einkorn is my top favourite ancient grain. Your apple and oat bread looks fantastic. So happy that you tried it. Thanks for the shoutout :-)))