Sunday, February 26, 2023

Gnocchi with pesto sauce

Wherever I live, I plant food seeds.....and then, I have a meal! When I buy potatoes, and some of them have sprouts, I plant them in containers. Last year, I made samosas, now, I made gnocchi with home made pesto sauce. I buy basil seeds, and I plant them. Then, I make pesto sauce, and I freeze it to use it during the winter.....

Gnocchi are tricky to make because I don't use a exact amount of flour. I know the textures they have to have in order to obtain a soft and smooth gnocchi.


500 grams of potatoes
2 egg yolk
00 Flour as needed

Peel and boil the potatoes. Drain them very well. They have to be very dry. Make a mashed potatoes, and place the egg yolks. Gradually, add the 00 flour until you have a soft, malleable, and firm dough. Make a roll 1 cm in diameter. Cut them in 1 cm, and pass them over a gnocchi mold. Boil them in hot water until they float. Place them in a pan with home made pesto sauce. Serve it warm with Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese on top. ENJOY!


  1. wow all those fresh basils! I love this Italian classic.

  2. When the ancient gods smiled on Italy they gave them gnocci.

  3. I've never made gnocchi but it looks so delicious especially with the fresh basil.