Thursday, October 7, 2010

Run...Run...the Octopus is Coming!!!!

Delicious Pulpo a la Gallega 
Recipe from Jose Antonio

Wonderful Timbal de Pulpo a la Gallega
From El Oteador de los Mercados

YES!! run...the octopus is coming.....Have you noticed that sometimes I leave you a comment such "your dish will follow me"?......Yes is true.....many of your dishes have followed me since the day I have seen them.....specially those dishes with octopus, blackberries and figs.....

I know what you are thinking....poor her....she needs a psychiatrist.....and probably it is true.....but.....Who doesn't need a psycoanalysis?......

In any case, I have been happy being "followed" by your recipes. I have discovered a wonderful world of food opportunities, delicacies and memories through your kitchens.

Some of you know that I live in Canada, but far away from the coast. For that reason, I have limited consumption of fish and seafood. The majority arrives frozen, and to be honest.....I don't like it!.....There are few places in the city where I can buy fresh seafood, but sometimes I don't have the time to go to those places.

One day, I was reading some of your  blogs when a sentence captivated my attention "in order to have a soft octopus, you have to frozen it first".( it first?....That was heaven to my ears.....I only found here frozen octopus, but I have never bought it before because I knew to cook it from fresh only.....

I knew where I could find frozen octopus....the Italian Market......I went there and found the last 5 pieces of frozen octopus, and I bought them all......The cashier atonished asked me....."What are you going to do?"....I said....Of course eat them!!!

We arrived home, and started to follow the recipe......when another wonderful octopus recipe came into my screen....this time from El Oteador de los Mercados   and I said....."I cannot try one recipe without the other will chase me"......Yes you are right!....I need therapy!!.....

Therefore, and in order to solve this problem.....we made both dishes.....yes....both....and they are fantastic!!!
What a wonderful recipes....and What a wonderful blogs they are!!!!!   Both recipes are fantastic, easy, and delicious!!!.....Thanks to these wonderful blogger friends for sharing these wonderful treats. You can see the recipes in their blogs!!

My Version of Pulpo a la Gallega from the wonderful blog of JAntonio

My Version of  Timbal de Pulpo a Feira from the fantastic blog of El Oteador de los Mercados

Like in every psicotherapy, the first step is to face the problem.......and I did, the octopus do not chase me....I eat it!!

Nevertheless, these are not the only octopus dishes I have prepared. Do you think that after findings your recipes I would not try them? I have tried more....I will post them later!!

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  1. mmmmm, me encanta el pulpo! aunque llevo en Galicia casi tres meses y aún no lo he probado!!!!! te puedes creer??????

    no tengo perdón de Dios!...

    un beso guapa!