Monday, April 25, 2011

And the Contest is.........

As many of you, I have decided to hold a contest to celebrate the first anniversary of this blog
We looked at different alternatives for the topic ..... when by chance we came across the blog Mamas Cocineras y Especiales. Through this blog we discover a world little known to us with wonderful moms who lovingly try to provide the best nutrition possible for their precious children...... and in that sense,I realized we have something in common ...... we all want to provide the best nutrition for our families ....... However, we realize that this blog had very few recipes, and as you can imagine ... .. we are all busy ... .. these dedicated moms not only are cooking and have family, but also they attend therapy classes for their children.... 
We communicate via email with these mothers, and they were very kind to answer our questions ... .. We proposed that we would like to make a recipe booklet for them, which can provide nutritious recipes, healthy, affordable, and also easy to prepare and safe to eat by their beloved children .... they accepted .... and that's why we appreciate your contribution to this opportunity. 
We search over the Internet about this diet. Also, they answered us some questions .... and we think this should be the theme of this contest ...... Because we know your kitchens, we are confident that together we can make healthy, nutritious recipes that can be available not only for this group of wonderful mothers, but also to other groups who need it .... 
We wish you could participate and contribute to this little recipe book .... 
We have tried (with the help of one of these moms) to make categories as broad as possible, to facilitate your recipes 
1) With meat, fish, and seafood  (red, white, etc.). 
2) No meat, with eggs and dairy (lacto-ovo-vegetarian) 
3) No meat, no eggs and no dairy products (vegetarian) 
In each category may be the following textures: 
1) porridge or pureed (gazpacho, vegetable purees, creams, soft desserts, etc.). 
2) With a soft texture (stews, casseroles, rice, etc.). 
3) Hash easy meals (stews, casseroles, spoon, etc.). 
The most important ... ... the recipes should be considered a healthy and nutritious cooking methods used as healthy as possible .... Avoiding excess sugar or fat that would be detrimental to the health of these children 
You see ..... the recipes for this contest are those of daily life, home recipes, nothing too sophisticated ...... only with the restrictions of that are healthy, nutritious, and with the appropriate textures .. ...... We are confident that your kitchens will provide delicious, simple and healthy recipes that will facilitate these Mamas Cocineras y Especiales
• The start date of the competition is today, April 26, 2011 and closing to submit your recipes is June 30, 2011 (there are several competitions and not much time .... and the idea is to collect as much as possible recipes for these Mamas) 
• You can participate (whether or not you have blog), anywhere in the world. In case you dont have a blog, you must send the recipe to concurso.ftw @ . The photo must have a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels. You have to indicate category and texture to facilitate the making of the booklet in pdf.

• You must leave a comment on this post and notice that you placed your recipe to the mail concurso.ftw @ .... Thus , I will not forget it!

• The result will be by draw .... To be honest, we can not choose the "best recipe" ... .. And the truth, the real prize is to contribute to this group of mothers. For that reason there will be no limit to the number of recipes you can submit ... can submit as many recipes as you want. Every recipe will enter with a number, and the more recipes you send, the more chances to win ... .. the idea is to collect as many recipes as possible.

• The recipes will be presented in a pdf file that everyone can download.

• Put the logo of the contest to give publicity to this initiative. 

There will be one single prize that will include the following gifts......

 Ceylon Tea with Pomegranate and a Sushi Maker
 Wine Carrier Cooler
 Chilean Merken and Saffron from Iran
  Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Vanilla Beans from Madagascar and Oregano from Peru
  Vegetable steamer and Tandoori Mix from Indian
  Moroiccan Spices for Tagine and Madras Curry
 Orange Peeler, Jar Opener and a 
Key Chain from Canada that can be used to open beer bottles

Do you want to participate??


  1. Espero que el concurso sea todo un exito, los regalos son estupendos, un besito

  2. Marcela congratulations on your first blogavversary! Here's to many many more!
    What a great idea for the recipe contest!

  3. A superb contest Idea for moms! You're going to make a lot of moms happy with this event with great prizes too. I wish you and all the moms success! Cheers!!!

  4. yo cocino cada dia para mis dos peques asi que claro que participaré. Un besazo, excelente idea.