Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicago....a City with Charm.....and Something Else......

Chicago from the Lake

It was an unexpected trip.....My husband had to go to a Conference in Chicago, and we always enjoy to visit that wonderful city....

Chicago is for me one of the most interesting cities in the USA. It has a very multicultural population, an array of fantastic jazz clubs to go just to listen Blues, fantastic museums, wonderful restaurants, and interesting shopping.....

I remember that the first time I listened to Chicago Blues, I felt in love with that music.....For me it is a music that makes you feel from inside.....a music to enjoy. In our first trip to Chicago, we went to the famous Blue Chicago (we did not know that it was famous...).... and we discover a whole new world in music.....Chicago is full of bar with Blues, and is a very affordable ($10 the cover) and interesting experience to have!!!

 Listening to Blues....
A bar with guitars that belonged to Derek Trucks, Carlos Santana, 
Jeff Beck, Steve Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton

Another activity that I like very much is to go to museums. Although, for me the best museums of the USA are in Houston (and I hope to visit Houston very soon!!), Chicago has very good options that we enjoyed like the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Adler Planetarium. One of the things that I like the most is that museums are designed to go with kids.....and they love them!!

For me, Chicago (along with New York and Washington) has the most diverse cuisine. It shows its ethnic diversity and cultural heritage. Typical to eat are the deep-dish pizza, and sandwiches like Chicago-style hot-dog, the famous Maxwell Street Polish, and the jibarito.

A typical Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza from Giordanos

Another Chicago Pizza

In the USA (as well in Canada), you can take from the restaurant what you have left in your plate in what is called a "doggy bag"......... even in the best restaurants they are prepared to give you a box with the food.

Doggy bag from Giordanos

Wonderful Restaurants European Style (Quartino)

Typical Restaurant in Chicago (Miller's Pub Established in 1935)

Also, I bought some souvenirs......When I travel, my favourite shopping is utensils for my kitchen.....I love to buy things that not only I will cook with them, but also it will make me remember that trip.....Viena you were right!!....I love to buy things for my kitchen!!


Finally, apologies for this late posting, and for not being able to visit your kitchen this week. My computer was having some problems that took us some days in the repair shop!!.....I will start visiting your kitchens very soon!!

 A tour in the lake....

Different views of Chicago from the Michigan Lake

WARNING: The pictures were taken with a SmartPhone my apologies for the quality of the pictures!

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