Friday, April 22, 2011

Do You Want to Share a Cup of Coffee with Me and Celebrate the First Year of this Blog?....

 Chocolate Cup filled with a Mascarpone Orange Cream Mousse
served with Orangettes and Belgium Sugar Cubes
idea inspired from the Great Chef Raymond Blanc and its Cafe Creme Dessert  

Today is the anniversary of this little kitchen corner .....yes!.........Today, it is the first birthday of our blog....


I never forget to include a diary to every trip that we have made, and thus, I can write about what we experience..... Therefore, the initial idea of this blog was to have a "personal" site to digitally storage these memories.....our intention was to have a space where we can write about what we have visited and what we enjoyed in these places, especially local food....the reason behind this is that many friends always ask us about "tips" for their trips... Thus, "this corner" has become the reservoir of our experiences to share with them. After a year, I am very pleased to realize that this "little corner" belongs not only to me and family, but also to many friends all over the world!!!!


We neither knew what was to have a blog nor had expectations about it....we did not know what was "to comment", "to follow", and "to visit" other blogs.....Somehow, we currently have 294 followers and we follow more than 300!!.......


Many things have happened this year....I've been chased by an octopusI have resolved my fig-mania, we have won a prize for our  Saffron Almond and Olive Oil Ice Cream....We have felt the happiness when other bloggers have told us that they have made OrangettesBurfiMinimalist TapasPizza with Spinach and SumacPalak PaneerIndian Rice.....and how they love it!!.....We have enjoyed eating our beloved Boules de Berlin, and have challenged ourselves making Sfogliatelle Napoletane, and Galette des Rois ....but the most important thing is that we have earn your friendship, and that is what we treasure the most!!


During this year, I have learn a lot about food and cooking thanks to your recipes. I am not a professional cooker and my husband is not a professional photographer, but both of us share these passion together. We have enjoyed your recipes, and your comments, and for both.....THANK YOU!!

We have decided to be grateful for your kindness with a contest. The topic of this contest will be described in the next post.....and we wish you can participate!!..... This contest is open to all the world, and there will be one single prize that will include the following gifts......

 Ceylon Tea with Pomegranate and a Sushi Maker
 Wine Carrier Cooler
 Chilean Merken and Saffron from Iran
  Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Vanilla Beans from Madagascar and Oregano from Peru
  Vegetable steamer and Tandoori Mix from Indian
  Moroiccan Spices for Tagine and Madras Curry
 Orange Peeler, Jar Opener and a 
Key Chain from Canada that can be used to open beer bottles

Do you want to participate??


  1. un año ya?? como pasa el tiempo Marcela, para mi es un placer entrar y disfrutar de tantas recetas ricas y de esas fotografias.Mis felicitaciones y espero seguir mucho tiempo mas. por cierto....acepto ese café...gracias y feliz fin de semana

  2. congates for annyversary of ur blogfeel proud to have tea with you

  3. Cheers Marcela!!! Happy Anniversary to the best kitchen ever! International and fabulous! You both have made so many happy gourmands with your delicious cooking and photography around the globe! Your blog deserves a 5 star rating, I must declare! I'll relish this coffee with both of you to the last drop! congratulations!!!

  4. El blog te da satisfacciones a tí y tú a nosotros;es un placer pasar por aquí y claro que participaré.
    Un abrazo desde Navarra,estamos en el campo con mi padre,en plena cosecha de espárragos.