Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sweets for Diwali....Badam Pista Ghari

This is a wonderful sweet that I wanted to make for a long is beyond delicious.....WARNING....if you are on diet, then do not read the has lots of calories, but lots of good flavors too!!
I have adapted this recipe from the following link in youtube

Badam Pista Ghari 

2 Cups all purpose flour
2 tbsp butter
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Milk as Required

1/2 Cup Pistachios grinded into fine powder
1/4 Cup Almonds grinded into fine powder
3/4 Cup Sugar grinded into fine powder
2 tsp butter
3 tbsp chickpeas flour
1 tsp butter
1 Cup ricotta (instead of Khoya)
8 Saffron Strands crushed
4 green Cardamom crushed

melted butter with sugar powder
Rose Petals

Oil to fry

Dough: Mix all the ingredients until you have a soft not sticky dough. Set aside. Let it rest for 1 hour covered.


Cook the ricotta with 1 tsp of butter until it divides and makes grains. Set aside.

In a pan, heat 2 tsp of butter and add the chickpea flour. Cook it until it turns brownish and separates. Set aside.

Mix the pistachio, almonds, sugar, ricotta cooked, chickpea flour cooked, safforn and cardamom. Mix it well, and divide it in 9 portions.

Divide the dough in 9 portions. With a roll pin, flatten it and place a portion of the filling in the middle. Fold it and seal it. Fry it each side in hot oil for 2 minutes, or until golden brown. Mix butter with sugar powder, and place it on top. Decorate it with rose petals and pistachio.....with a cup of coffee or heaven!.....ENJOY!


  1. That pistachio filling looks really great and so pretty with icing and garnish.

  2. I love the topping with rose petals and pistachios. Such a wonderful dessert !