Sunday, November 12, 2023

Celebrating Diwali....coconut balls with cardamom

Even though I have been very busy, there is always time to celebrate Diwali.....

I made dal makhani as well as paneer rahra. I'm making new paneer dishes that I will be posting soon. 

I didn't have time to make lot of sweets, and Diwali is all about sweets for me!!....when I remember Karlos Arguiñano and his typical coconut balls with condensed!!....I add some cardamom, and I ended up with a fusion between Spain and India....the recipe is very easy, but since I try to make everything from scratch, I made my own condensed milk

Condensed Milk

160 g of water
210 g refined sugar
100 g unsalted butter
210 g milk powder

Place the water in a pot with the sugar, and warm it at low heat. Add the butter, and let it melt it. Mix it well. Add the milk powder, and with a hand blender mix all together for 4-5 minutes at low heat. Store the condensed milk in a glass jar in the fridge.

Coconut balls (recipe adapted from Karlos Arguiñano)

250 g grated coconut plus some for covering the balls

150 g of condensed milk

2 cardamom  freshly crushed.

Mix all together. Add more cardamom if you want. Make small balls, and cover them with grated coconut. ENJOY!


  1. I always want to make my own condensed milk. Can't wait to try your recipe. The coconut balls look excellent!

  2. Before I retired the office manager where I worked was south Indian and always brought in Diwali sweets - and I mean SWEET!

  3. I love how cute these look and the recipe sounds delicious especially with the cardamom! Happy Dwali!

  4. Love your Diwali Meal and the dessert. Coconut ladoos are my favorite. Marcela, How are so familiar with Indian food?
    I didn't find time this year to make sweets as I was on vacation. Just came a day before Diwali.