Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Peaches in Syrup and Jam

I had so many peaches that besides eating them fresh and making a tart, I had to make peaches in syrup and jam for the winter.

Peaches in syrup

850 grams of peaches in halves and peel off

150 grams of sugar

150 grams of water

10 drops of lemon

a pinch of salt

Place everything together in a big pot, and at medium heat let it boil. Then, let it simmer at very low temperature for 35 minutes. Place them hot in sterilized jars, and turn the jar upside down until it cools. ENJOY!

Jam Peaches

All my jams have the same proportion 1:2 that is 1 of sugar and 2 of fruit

1.5 kg of peaches

750 grams of sugar

Wash and dice the peaches (I don't peel them off). Mix it with the sugar, and place it in a container with lid for 2 hours in the fridge. Thus, I take the natural sugar of the fruit out along with all natural flavors. Place it in a pot, and let it boil at medium. Once it is boiling, simmer it a very low temperature for 40 minutes, or until you have the desired texture. I test how "runny" it is by placing a drop in a plate. ENJOY! 


  1. wow They are gold in winter season :-))

  2. I'm just amazed how many peaches you have~ Sounds wonderful and now you will also be able to enjoy them In the winter too.

  3. Che buone! Proverò a farle, grazie!