Sunday, September 11, 2022

Salmon with three creamy sauces

Cremini and Porcini Sauce

Leek Sauce

 Spinach and Cremini Sauce

When I need to make a meal fast, salmon and tuna cans are my dishes to make. 

I serve salmon with rice, boiled or mashed potatoes....easy and delicious!

Creamy sauce

2 shallots diced
3 garlic cloves chopped
150 grams of mascarpone or cream cheese
1/2 cup of cream
oregano or dill or rosemary
Olive oil

3 leeks finely chopped or
150 of cremini mushrooms slices with 50 grams of fungi porcini previously soaked or
250 grams of frozen spinach and 100 grams of sliced cremini mushrooms

In a pan, heat the olive oil and sautee the shallots, garlic, and the herbs of your choice. Add the flavor of your choice (leeks, mushrooms, spinach and mushroom). Let it simmer for 3 minutes at low temperature. Add the cheese and cream. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve it warm, and place on top a piece of salmon. ENJOY!


  1. Gracias por la receta. Ten una buena semana.

  2. So good! The creamy mascarpone sauce alone is already heavenly :-) The mushroom one would be nice to serve with chicken or steak too, I bet!

  3. Excellent ideas here. Who can resist a good sauce?

  4. Sauces add a special touch and flavor to everything. The leeks, mushrooms, and spinach must be amazing.