Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mascarpone Peach Dessert


With some peaches, I made peaches' jam that is one of my favorite jams. Now I can make dessert that reminds me of summer. This dessert is adapted from Bavette-Gastronomia . The original recipe is with raspberries. I forgot to take a picture of the interior, but it is a dessert that has a middle part with a peach mousse filling, covered it with mascarpone peach mixture.

Peach mousse filling
100 grams of homemade peaches' jam
3 grams of gelatin leaves
120 grams of whipping cream

Whip the whipping cream, and mix it with the peaches and the gelatin that has been previously soaked and melted in small amount of warm water. Place it in silicone half ball mold. Freeze it for 3 hours.

Mascarpone Peach mixture

160 grams of mascarpone cheese
320 grams of heavy cream
80 grams of sugar
3 egg yolks
8 grams gelatin sheets soaked in cold water

Heat the heavy cream. Beat the egg yolk with the sugar, and add the warm cream slowly. Cook it all together until it thickens. Add the gelatin. Let it cool until 60C, and add the mascarpone and the peach jam. Mix it well.

In silicone molds, place the Mascarpone Peach mixture until half, then a ball of Peach mousse filling, and finish with Mascarpone Peach mixture. Place it in the freezer for 4 hours. Unmold it, and serve it with peach coulis. ENJOY!


  1. That looks like from a gourmet restaurant with a beautiful presentation and wonderful flavour!

  2. This would be good to remember when fresh Niagara peaches are available next year. It looks delicious.

  3. What a spectacular looking dessert and love the idea of using up the fresh peaches from the summer in a jam. Looks so delicious and beautiful.