Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Delicious Braided Bread......from Hilmar's blog.....

Everybody knows Hilmar's blog. She is a Master and an Artist of bread making.....her creations are truly amazing. Every piece is a delicate piece of art that is produced by her delicate hands. Every time she post something, she makes me smile just by seeing the beauty of what comes out of her oven. Not only she explains very well every recipe with beautiful and detailed pictures, but also she produces a creation that is nice, tasty and elegant. If you have not visited her blog, then I recommend you to do it.

One of the recipes that captivated my atention for its elegance and taste was a Braided Bread with Cherry and Cream Cheese. How you cannot try that treat! Then, I started to look for cherries, but not luck at all. Therefore, I thought....What can it be as good as cherry with cream cheese?....and immediately I answered....strawberries and cream cheese...of course!!

So, one warm afternoon, I started to follow her recipe. You can see her recipe in the following link . I have to say that I was cooking that day with my daughter (she is 3 years and 8 months).....She started....Can I help you Mom? Of course, I could not say no, but I knew that the breaded bread that I wanted to make will not end up as beauty as Hilmar's recipe. I said to myself...."That's OK....enjoy the moment"

The First Strawberry and Cream Cheese Braided Bread

Although the shape was not what I had desired at the beginning, it turned out to be delicious!!!

The Cooked Strawberry and Cream Cheese Braided Bread

We like it very much!!....The dough is delicious and spongy.....very delicated. Then, my husband asked me Why don't you try it with Marzipan (the next post will be my marzipan)? He likes very much a "Galette de Rois" , and he knows that I only make that cake for Epiphany. Therefore, I did it for the second time with my filling of the "Galette de Rois". I was alone, and I thought How can I create a better environment to cook this pastry (like Hilmar's kitchen??.....Easy!!... I will listen to Ricardo Montaner and get some Venezuelan surroundings. So, I put his best CD, and started to cook while I was listening to him.

Making my marzipan

The density of my marzipan

The Marzipan Braided Bread

It turned out to be delicious as well!!....But, I put too much marzipan as a fillling, and it came out from one end. Nevertheless, I have to admit that it was the best part....full of marzipan!!
The Marzipan Braided Bread Cooked....Do you want a piece?

I have to admit that both versions were very good; nevertheless, I found that this kind of bread is so versatile and tasty, that gives you room to create infinite possibilities of filling. 

I was about to post this story, when it came to my mind two more fillings: orange marmalade with cream cheese, and spinach with feta and cream cheese. Therefore, I made them both, and both are food for the kings.

I put Ricardo Montaner`s music again, and started to bake.........

With Cream Cheese and Orange Marmalade

With Marzipan again

With marzipan filling again.....

I love spinach.....and I thought it will make a fantastic filling (I will put this filling recipe in the next posting)......and it was yummy!!

Spinach filling

Spinach, Ricotta and Cream Cheese Braided Bread....better shape now!

A Baked Spinach, Ricotta and Cream Cheese Braided Bread....with a golden color!

The Spinach and Cheese filling

This post has been too long, and probably you are tired like me....I will post the filling recipes in the next posting....

I hope you have enjoyed as we did eating them.....and THANK YOU VERY MUCH HILMAR!!!.... for showing those wonderful recipes, and teaching us how to make them!!


  1. You have been fantastic I have also done some Hilmar recipe and are great, I love the braids for a while I did one that came with the filling buenisima I put and I have to repeat but seeing yours I think I'll do
    Mil besossss

  2. Kisa....Thank you very much!!!....I'm glad you like them....All the recipes from Hilmar's blog are fantastic!!....these braided breads are delicious...I invite you to make your own creation of fillings for sharing with us....Abrazotes, Marcela

  3. wuauhhh,pero que post más bonito nos has hecho esto se merece premio,pués la verdad que en el blog de Hilmar encontramos deliciosas recetas,es digna d emención,ya no se me resistiran las trenzas con la explicación que nos has hecho a cualquiera se le resiste,jejejje¡¡¡¡¡
    besitos mil wuapa¡

  4. Marcela no sé con cual quedarme la de mazapán me tienta horrores, en realidad me llevaría un trozo de cada una. Te pasaste!!!

  5. Ague....que rico te haya gustado!! verdad lo encuentras bonito? alegro...atrevete con la facil y te va a gustar muchisimo!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  6. Annie....sabia que te gustaria la de mazapan......pero la de naranjas esta bien te queda un tiempo....tratalas!! te arrepentiras!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  7. Vaya blog bonito tienes!, donde estaba yo para no encontrarte antes!!!!!!!!
    ya me quedo para siempre contigo.
    Por cierto, mis hijas tambien quieren "ayudarme", a veces me gustaría hacerlo sola, pero al final lo mejor es disfrutar de ese momento!

  8. Hola Marcela ..solo puedo decir IMPRESIONANTE... ,me han gustado todas las trenzas .... yo tambien me quedo por aquí ..un besito y feliz finde

  9. Juana....que bueno te haya gustado mi rinconcito....nos estaremos degustando las recetas mutuamente!!....tienes razon....lo mejor es disfrutar del momento!!....yo al menos lo hago asi!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  10. Julycar....que bueno te haya gustado....ahora animate!! que podras hacer unas sabrosas trenzas!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  11. Fantastico questo pane e questo blog! Ti seguirò con piacere :-) bacio

  12. Zucchero....Grazie mille....Benvenuti a la mia casa.....Abrazotes, Marcela