Monday, September 13, 2010

A Delicious "Fideua para Dos" from Maria's blog.....and an Award from Annie.....Thank you!!

This past week, I have been resting. I was forced to stay at bed.....very difficult for me.....I need to move and do something every time!!......I feel much better about my csiatica now. 

Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to review what I have cooked and have not posted yet....I found lots and lots of pictures that I want to post, and travel stories that I want to share.....

Also, I found that I have been cooking and tasting many of your recipes. I have to say that all of them are FANTASTIC!!.....delicious, epicuren delights, ambrosial and delicates. Sometimes, when I look at your blogs early in the morning (at 6am my time....) your recipes follow me all day long. If I have wrote you that sentence, then it is true.....It is fantastic to wake up and discover such a variety of tastes, creations, flavours, aromas and divine dishes that come out of your kitchens. I have to be honest.....I love to eat....and when I see your creations, they stay in my mind until I make them.

I'm going to start posting a mix of both recipes from your blogs and my recipes as well. Today, I am posting a "Fideua para Dos"...a recipe from the wonderful blog of Maria  ( She is a wonderful person that not only cooks delicious recipes, but also makes beautiful embroideries. 

When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to do it.....and I was right. Everybody loved it!!   Thanks Maria!!!!

I will not re-write this recipe. I am posting this link for you to visit her blog, and take the opportunity of see her wonderful recipes. The recipe of this "Fideua para Dos" is in the following link:  

Also, I want to say WELCOME Annie  (!!!....after your well deserved holidays, and THANK YOU!! for this award

I want to share this award with all of you that makes my life more "delicious" by sharing your recipes!!

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