Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Zucchini Flowers filled with Parmigiano and Zucchini Tart Scarpaccia

 I love zucchini flowers....I fill them with parmigiano cheese, sometimes pesto, or whatever I have handy. Then I fry them in a batter....and boom....Heaven on Earth!

Zucchini flowers are expensive, but I plant them in my garden every year.

It is difficult to give exact amount of the filling since it will depend on the number of flowers

Zucchini Flowers filled with Parmigiano

12 zucchini flowers
50 grams parmiggiano grated cheese
70 grams breadcrumbs
1 egg yolk

1 egg

combine all the ingredients until you have a paste. Fill the flowers. Make the batter combining all the ingredients. Fry them in olive oil. Serve warm and enjoy!

Another recipe from the Chef Bruno Albouze....he post it, I have the ingredients, and boom....we have dinner!

Zucchini Tart Scarpaccia

2 green and 1 yellow zucchini washed and cut in batonnet
10 zucchini blossoms, rinsed without pistil
Chopped garlic
Olive oil.

In a large, hot skillet, add olive oil and salt and sauté the zucchini, not the flowers, with garlic and oregano for 10 minutes. Save the juice for your smoothie.

Liquid mix

250 g milk
250 g eggs (5)
80 g flour
3 garlic cloves
120 g grated parmesan
Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a juicer.

40 g of grated parmesan.

Spread the pre-cooked zucchini and chopped zucchini blossoms on a tray in a baking pan greased with olive oil. Pour the liquid mixture. Bake at 425ºF / 220ºC for 15 min. Spread the grated cheese and leave the pan in the oven off for 7 minutes, or if you want you can gratin it. Enjoy!


  1. I like mine with lots of Parmesan :-) Need to get some zucchini flowers soon.

  2. Interesting! It's no easy to find these beautiful flowers ín Madrid. Í would like to taste them! Many,many kisses