Monday, February 26, 2024

Lucuma ice cream covered with chocolate


I started the ice cream season.....winter is gone!....we don't have winter anyway in the south of USA....few cold days in January and February, and now we have flowers blooming and the perfect weather for ice cream.

I love lucuma. Lucuma is a fruit that grows in South America, and when it is eaten fresh is not as good as in desserts or ice cream. The taste is like cream caramel and the color too!

Lucuma ice cream covered with chocolate

2 eggs
350 grams of cream (35%)
200 grams of milk
3 tablespoons of milk powder

400 grams lucuma paste (I bought it ready to use). It comes with sugar, that is why I didn't add sugar to this mix.

Mix the eggs, cream, milk and milk powder. Place it in a pot at low medium heat until it thickens. Set aside. Once is cold, mix it with lucuma paste. Place the mixture in your ice cream maker. Distribute them in ice cream molds. Freeze it for 24 hours.

Chocolate layer

200 grams milk chocolate

20 grams cocoa butter

Melt them both at bain-Marie at low temperature. Cover each ice cream, and place them again in the freezer for 1 hour. ENJOY!


  1. It's still very cool over here in Germany..lots of rain. Lucky you having nice weather in Feb. Have never had these ice cream are very tasty!

  2. Lol, winter is not gone here. We are getting some snow flurries today. Nut the ice cream Popsicle are great anytime of the year. They look delicious