Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cardamom Coffee and the Jordan Archaeological Museum

Coffee pot to make Cardamom Coffee

The first human clay statues discovered in Ain Ghazal (7200 BC)

Everybody knows that I love food, travel and wine... :)

Nevertheless, nobody knows the "rituals" that I have when I travel. First, I travel with a notebook to keep track of what I eat and drink, and to write their recipes; therefore, I can replicate them at home. Second, I must visit the local market and the supermarkets; thus, I will be able to see what locals eat and like to buy. Finally, I must go (at least) to the most important museum. Why? I love history, and consequently, I love museums.

We traveled to Jordan, and we were fortunate to visit all the most important places from North to South. It was a very tiredness trip. Everyday we started our trips at 7am, going back to the hotel at 7pm. It was one of the most interesting countries that I have visited. Full of history, wonderful archaeological sites, important religious places (Mount Nebo), and of course magnificent cuisine.

One day, we went to the Jordan Archaeological Museum. We arrived at 3pm (after visiting Amman), and we were really tired. We walked through the different  collections, and at the end we realized how fantastic, interesting and complete was the museum. After we finished, my husband decided to tour the museum again to record more videos and take more pictures, in order to enjoy them in our home. At that moment, I was exhausted; therefore, I asked to one of the safety guards whether I can borrow a chair to wait more comfortable. He was very nice, and gave me the chair. Then, I started to smell the same aroma that I have been smelling all over Jordan. I did not know what was it, but I was sure it was coffee with "something". I looked at the same safety guard that was drinking coffee, and I looked at him almost begging for a cup of coffee. I think my face was supplicating for it, and he understood the message. He approached me, and asked me whether I wanted to try Arabic Coffee. I love coffee, and I was tired. I smiled and say YES PLEASE!!

He gave me a small little cup of coffee with that aroma, it was cardamom coffee. I tried it, and it was fantastic!!....So rich, and at the same time delicate. It was pleasing, engaging, and one word FASCINATING...

After the museum, we went to buy the coffee pot used for making this wonderful beverage, and now at home, every time I cook something that I tasted in Jordan, we finish our meal with a nice cardamom coffee.

Cardamom coffee recipe

2 cups of water
1.5 tablespoon of ground Arabic coffee
1 teaspoon crushed cardamom seeds

Place water in your favorite pot, and bring it to boil. Add coffee, and brew it for 5 minutes. Add cardamom, and brew it for another 5 minutes. Filter it through a strainer, and serve it in small cups very sweet. Enjoy!!
Cardamom pods

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