Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My love for Indian Food......and my dear friend Kalpana......

I don't know how I started to love Indian food, but I do know when everything started. It was a long time ago, I was engaged with who is now my husband, and he went to India. When he returned, he told me that he tried one of the best cuisine, and that I should try it too. He knew my passion for cooking; therefore, he brought me Indian spices and some cookbooks. I read them, and I tried some of the recipes.......and I could not find the taste, I failed in every recipe that I made. But, I have perseverance. Having overcome many challenges, I promise myself that Indian food would not beat me.

Years later, we went to India.  As soon as I tried real Indian food, I understood my husband taste for this delicious epicurean delight, and I have to admit that I felt in love too with Indian food. During that travel, I reviewed many books, tasted series of paneer dishes, and bought a lot of spices. When we went back home, I started to cook Indian food. I try and try, and failed again. Why? I did not know what happened, but the dishes did not taste the same way as I ate them in India.

Years passed, and we came to North America. I was doing my graduate studies when I met a nice Indian women in a social gathering. We talked about common interest, and found that both of us liked to cook. She asked me whether I could share with her Chilean and Italian recipes, and I told her that I will be glad to do it, but she should have to teach me to cook Indian food. We had very busy agendas, but we set time every Tuesday to cook together. It was a time that I always remember. We walked through our cultures, history, traditions and heritage by cooking every Tuesday. I don't know how many months we were meeting each other, but I do know that she showed me how to extract the flavors and aromas of the spices, she taught me how a basic dish can be delectable. She was the perfect person that I needed to learn to cook Indian food.

Today, I can cook any recipe from India, and Indian food is a MUST on our table at least twice a week. And, I feel very proud when friends from India come to our place for having dinner, and they tell me that my Indian cooking is as good as in their Mom's home. What a compliment!!

My friend? She is back in India, and our friendship still continues....for the love of cooking....


  1. Es una comida tan diferente a la nuestra
    yo no la he probado pero he visto y leído recetas ,me encantaría probarla algún día

  2. Angelica....ahora voy a poner recetas....a ver si te animas!...abrazos, marcela