Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coconut burfi....what a sweet treat

This is a very easy, traditional, and delectable Indian sweet. Burfis are made in wide range of flavors and textures. I love the chewiness of this candy....

Here goes the recipe

1 can condensed milk (400 grams)
300 grams of shredded coconut (unsweetened)
120 grams powder milk
1/2 cup of milk
Few drops red color
2 cardamom seeds (crushed)
Rectangular glass container (oven-proof)

Mix the condensed milk, coconut, milk powder and milk in a pot. Cook it at a medium heat, stirring constantly. Once is hot (be careful it is very hot), turn it to low heat until the mixture separates from the sides of the pot (like a ball). This process takes about 6 minutes. Grease a rectangular glass container, and spread with a spatula one half of this hot mix. Add few drops of red color into the other half of this mix. Spread this pink mix on top. Let it cool, and cut it into squares. Enjoy!

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