Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day....with a Wonderful Gift!!

I thought about writing a post after we would have return from our picnic.....but, when one receives a beautiful gift, I should not only be grateful, but also continue to spread the positive energy of the gifts.
Today, as I turn it on the computer, I found that my friend Edith, who has delicious culinary magical blog, made me a gift. Please visit her blog and you will learn the art of alchemy culinary. This cute friend gave me the Angel Dorado for disinterested friendship. 

This beautiful gift is not only to share friendship, but also to appreciate those who help you with advice and motivation to follow this wonderful world of blogs. I have chosen two friends...... is not easy ...... ..... I invite you to visit these two charming blogs:
1. Gloria, she is Chilean and lives in Calera de Tango. She has a wonderful blog in English and Spanish, where she writes sweets recipes with warmth.
2. Pilar, she is Chilen and lives in Houston  Her blog is full of recipes, beautiful decorations and memories.

A big hug to all my friends in this beautiful Mother's Day!


  1. Thanks a lot my dear and lovely friend, Im honored and Im happy you received this award.
    Thanks Marcela and hope you have a lovely Mom's day!! huggs, besooss gloria

  2. Abrazos para ti tambien Gloria...y gracias por tus consejos!!