Friday, May 21, 2010

Indian breads....a gastronomical delight

I love breads. Whether they are Chilean, Argentinian, Italian, Peruvian, French or from Mars, breads are the perfect complement in any occasion.

However, Indian breads are located in a special place in my tummy. I am never tired to eat them, and it is probably due to its wide variety that I always discover new textures, flavors, and aromas.

Indian breads are mostly flat ones. Usually, they are made with atta or maida flour, and they can be stuffed with vegetables or spices. Usually, all of them use ghee or butter. Cooking methods vary among them. Some are deep fried (puri), others griddle (chapati), and others bake in the clay oven (naan).

Basically, to make them you need a belan (rolling pin), chakla (round pastry board), skillet, and a dough press for chapatis.


Dough press

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